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We're hiring!

Join our team and help us change the future of the AEC industry.

Tired of corporate environments, endless meetings, middle management and unfulfilling tasks? Want to work in public, on open source tech?

We are looking for smart and talented individuals who believe in our vision and want to change AEC, for the better!

If you fit the description, check out the positions below and get in touch at hello@speckle.systems 👇

Open positions

How to apply: Check out the positions below! If you think you fit in one of them, or across them, send us an up-to-date CV & a quick intro explaining your motivation for joining and why you think you would be a good fit.

AEC Software Engineer

C#, WPF, AEC APIs, GraphQL
If software APIs are your daily bread 🍞, then this position is for you! We're looking for an experienced developer who has tamed various authoring and analysis tools APIs (Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, Dynamo APIs...) to help us support and expand our growing list of connectors. You will be in charge of our .NET SDK. Web development / Python skills are a plus!

Frontend Engineer

Js, Vue, UX/UI, GraphQL
We're looking for an experienced and talented Frontend + UX/UI engineer to look after and improve the Speckle Web app and to develop brand new specialized apps that will leverage Speckle data (dashboards, automation & management tools and more) and experiences. AEC / Node.js / Three.js skills are a plus!

3D Web Engineer

Three.js, WebGL, 3D
If 3D geometry in the browser is your passion, then this position is for you! We're looking for a skilled Three.js/WebGL developer to bring our viewer to the next level. You'll be responsible of the coolest open source viewer for the AEC industry! AEC / Frontend experience are a plus!

DevOps/Backend Engineer

CI/CD, Docker, Node.js, Postgresql
We're looking for a DevOps engineer to help us scale our hosted offerings and with potentially also backend skills to help look after the server and its GraphQL API. Additional experience with Kubernetes / Bash / Ansible / Terraform and developing Open Source very welcome.
Our Stack
The Speckle Stack is quite diverse - and we're happy to let people move across projects. Here's some of the tech:
On the interweb side of things, we're rocking along with nodejs, apollo server, postgresql, vuejs, and threejs.
Our desktop tooling is revolving mostly around .NET. In addition to the .NET Speckle SDK, we like Python!

Life @ Speckle

Wondering what it's like to work with us? Here's some of our perks!

Awesome company retreats ... or at least they will be, once we are allowed to travel again!

No office, no commute! Work from home or from wherever you fancy, 100% of the time.

Flexible hours There is no Big Brother watching you. If you need to take your bunnies to the vet, just do so.

Choose your own gear You'll get a generous gadget budget to spend on the hardware & software that makes you happy.

No BS meetings Let's face it, we all hate useless meetings. PS Stand-ups don't count! 🤣

Bonkers Stand-Ups Our morning ritual is never boring!