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Speckle v2
Rhino Basics
Rhino plugin basics • Last modified on 2/22/2021 • edit

If you have previously installed Speckle for Rhino via the .rhi for "all users", you will need to uninstall it manually first by deleting the Rhino plugin from its installation folder. You can find the installation folder in Rhino's Plugin Options dialog.

Opening the plugin

After you've installed Speckle, you'll need to initialise Speckle inside Rhino by typing SpecklePanel in the command line. Afterwards, click Show and you should see the panel containing the speckle plugin show up:


Creating an account

If you haven't already, create an account on the Speckle server of your choice. In case you don't have one, and just want to test out Speckle, you can use https://hestia.speckle.works/api! Do be advised that this is a test server - use at your own risk. The diagram below explains most of the steps.


Sending & Receiving

You can now create receivers and senders. To create a sender, select some geometry, click the add button and select "add sender". First select your account, then give your stream a name, and voila! With senders, remember you can access some extra options by clicking the big arrow button next to its name, specifically:

  • add & remove objects: you're not limited to your original selection.
  • play & pause: by default, senders automatically send data out, whenever they detect a change. You can change this behaviour by hitting the "pause" button.
  • delete: you can always remove a sender for good.


Receivers can be created by clicking on the big plus button in the lower right hand corner, and selecting "new receiver". First select the server you want to receive a stream from, then search for one or simply directly input the streamId. In Rhino, receivers do not "bake" geometry. You need to do that manually! Some things to note:

  • Speckle will try and respect the original sender's layer structure
  • If you bake the stream again, it will replace its previous geometry. In case you want to keep a copy, duplicate the layers first!
  • Too many updates? You can always pause the receiver, and update whenever you want.


Tip! When receiving, you can unfold the "layers" of the data coming in. These layers can be turned on/off individually using the icon next to each layer. To toggle them all on or off at the same time, just double click on any of the eye icons!

Beyond Rhino

Of course, if you send something to speckle, it's going to be available in the wider speckle ecosystem. So you can:


If you have any trouble, head over to our forum and buzz. If you think it's a more of a bug rather than a question, report it on github!