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Delta Endpoints
AEC Delta Compliance • Last modified on 2/22/2021 • edit

In the context of the AEC Delta Mobility research project, two new endpoints have been implemented on the Speckle server: StreamGetDelta and StreamApplyDelta.


  • StreamApplyDelta.js enables the application of a delta onto an existing Stream. The delta response resulting from StreamGetDelta - a diffing between Stream A and Stream B - can be "applied" onto Stream A. In other words, the newly created objects (between both Streams) will be added to Stream A, the deleted objects (between both Streams) will be deleted from Stream A, and the common objects (between both Streams) will remain untouched. As a result, Stream A contains the same objects than Stream B (if the delta has been calculated between both Streams, of course). You can call StreamApplyDelta like so:


The picture below serves just here as illustration. There aren't any implementation of these endpoints on any client yet, so stay tuned for further updates.